Aldershot Conservative Future

Aldershot CF is a relatively new group within the Aldershot and North Hampshire Conservative Association having been established in the latter months of 2011.

Conservative Future is the movement for under 30s, including all members of the Conservative Party of this age. Conservative Future is the largest youth political organisation in the UK and is all about involving young people in politics and addressing the issues that matter to them.

With over 15,000 members across the country, Conservative Future runs a range of events and activities, from policy discussions to social gatherings. Members of Conservative Future also have the opportunity to get involved in campaign activity – supporting and standing as Conservative candidates in elections at all levels, from student politics to Westminster.

Aldershot Conservative Future has developed substantially since 2011 and they were awarded the Leslie Dann Membership Trophy at the Association AGM in March 2013, as recognition of securing high increases in membership and engagement with young people in the party. In May 2013 they took an active role in the Hampshire County Council elections.  The branch's Celebratory Launch Dinner took place on Friday 6th September 2013.

They are  strong believers in the use of social media and as such are prolific users of Facebook ( and Twitter (@AldershotCF).

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with Aldershot Conservative Future, please contact Sam Duckhouse at the Association Office on 01252 323637.