The Constituency

The Aldershot Constituency has a total electorate of approximately 72,000 people. Leo Docherty has represented the people of Aldershot as Member of Parliament since 2017.

Aldershot is located within the boundaries of Hampshire County Council and is largely made up of the local authorities of Rushmoor and Hart. Conservatives represent the majority of Aldershot residents at both the Borough and County Council.

The constituency was first created for the 1918 General Election but was the true successor to the previous Basingstoke Constituency that had one been formed from North Hampshire.   On its creation in 1918 the boundaries of the Aldershot Constituency were more or less what is now Rushmoor Borough Council and Hart District Council.  Successive boundary changes in 1950, 1955, Feb 1974, 1983, 1997 and 2010 have removed all but one and a half wards from Hart District Council.

The current Aldershot Constituency now comprises of all 13 wards of Rushmoor Borough Council, Hart's Blackwater & Hawley Ward and Darby Green area of Hart's Yateley East Ward.

Rushmoor Borough Council

The Borough of Rushmoor contains the towns of Aldershot and Farnborough and is comprised of 13 wards:


  • Aldershot Park
  • Manor Park
  • North Town
  • Rowhill
  • Wellington


  • Cherrywood
  • Cove and Southwood
  • Empress
  • Fernhill
  • Knellwood
  • St Johns
  • St Marks
  • West Heath

As of May 2012, Rushmoor Borough Council is comprised of 39 members, 25 of which are Conservative, 11 Labour and 3 UKIP. Three individuals represent each individual ward.

Hart District Council

Hart District Council, only in part contained within the Aldershot Constituency, contains the wards of Minley, Blackwater and Frogmore & Darby Green. Hart District Council has 35 members overall, 16 of which are Conservative, 10 Liberal Democrats, 2 Independent and 7 Community Hart Campaign. 

Hampshire County Council

As of May 2013, Hampshire County Council is comprised of 78 members, 45 of which are Conservative. 3 of the 5 divisions within Aldershot are Conservative.

The Hampshire County Council divisions in the Aldershot Constituency are:

  • Aldershot East
  • Aldershot West
  • Farnborough North
  • Farnborough South
  • Farnborough West