Election 2021

Rushmoor Conservatives have a full slate of candidates in the upcoming elections to Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire County Council:



Aldershot Park – Sam Trussler

"I live in Park Ward and put myself forward to represent our area because I didn’t feel our views were being adequately sought or represented. I believe in working together to achieve shared goals and not in negative campaigning that distracts from making progress.  

I’m not a career politician.  I want to make a real difference in our local community for the benefit of our local community. I was driven to do this by seeing the very real need for improvements, for my child, my family and my friends; by wanting better facilities and services.  Councillors should be your voice."


Cherrywood – Nem Thapa

"I’m 56 years old ex British Army Gurkha Soldier who has lived in Farnborough for fifteen years. I am married with two grown up children. One of my proudest achievements since leaving the army was working for Rushmoor to help tackle drug and alcohol issues in our local community.  As well as running a small business I now volunteer in our local community and have played a part in providing health and wellbeing services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’m a naturally approachable person, with a can do attitude. My passion is helping people and my interest is making things better."


Cove and Southwood – Cllr Sue Carter

"I have served 12 years as passionate local Councillor who listens and helps as much as I can. 

I set up the Rushmoor Youth Forum and Rushmoor Youth Influence to give young people a voice in our community. I love being part of change for the future, thinking about what is better for us as a community and a long-term goal of a better Rushmoor, a borough that is environmentally friendly and keen to show case our heritage and how so many in this borough do so much, something I was able to do as a past Mayor."


Empress – Cllr Marina Munro

"I am a local Empress resident – living on Farnborough Street. Before being elected as a councillor I helped set up  and lead Farnborough Street Residents Association and campaigned to improve our local area, prevent overdevelopment and to protect local pubs. I am now on Rushmoor's Cabinet with responsibility for Planning and Economy. I am a Governor at North Farnborough Infants School. Local history and heritage are important to me, as our protecting our environment, including supporting local residents in their fight to protect Queen Elizabeth park.

My top priorities are to improve Farnborough Town centre, protect our parks and green spaces and Keep residents in Empress Ward safe."


Fernhill – Jess Auton

"I have lived in Farnborough for most of my life, with family going back generations. By day I am a property solicitor, which gives me skills which I hope will come in useful as a Councillor. When Coronavirus struck I was part of the team who got the local support efforts off the ground. I also coordinated volunteers helping with shopping and collecting prescriptions for vulnerable residents. More recently I have been volunteering at the local testing and vaccination sites.

It has been really uplifting to see the community pull together at such a difficult time and I would love to work with residents to build on that community spirit."


Knellwood – Cllr Paul Taylor

"I'm proud to have played my part as your local councillor helping maintain essential local services throughout COVID-19. As Rushmoor's Cabinet Member for Corporate Services I am responsible for our budget and finances, and I'm also continuing to work with over 1,000 local businesses across Rushmoor to ensure they receive the support they need to stay afloat.

I'm very honoured to have been able to serve our community as one of its local councillors for almost 20 years. If re-elected, I'll continue to maintain the Council's sound finances and balanced budget, and help ensure we continue to provide the best quality services - representing you to the best of my ability."


Manor Park – David Clifford

"Born and bred in Aldershot and living in the ward, I teach at Farnborough College of Technology. I am married to Lizzie with two daughters. My top priority is regenerating the town centres. We have made a good start, securing over £500m of investment including direct Council investment of over £35m in redeveloping Union Street. Anti-social behaviour is another priority of mine. I am leading action working with the Society of St James to help people caught in a cycle of addiction, bringing them back into the community.

I am passionate about finishing the work we have started - regenerating our towns driving forward our green agenda."


North Town – Stuart Trussler and Mary Hartley

Stuart said: I have been a community campaigner for a number of years here in North Town, and a resident in Aldershot for over 45 years. I have many years of experience in financial services and also runs his own business. As a champion of the community, I listen to the concerns of residents like you and have often worked with Conservative-led Rushmoor to resolve local issues. I am certainly not afraid of hard work and have been known to get my hands dirty cleaning and mending our road signs as well as tidy up the North Town community which I love."

Mary said: "I have lived in North town for the past 22 years with my husband and daughter. I retired nine years ago after working in the garrison for 38 years. The biggest issues in North town is primarily drug dealing, antisocial behaviour amongst the youths and speeding. We have a lovely community in North town but things have changed over the past 22 years. As a local councillor I can bring pride and safety back into our town and make it a better place to live and work."


Rowhill – Cllr Maurice Sheehan

"I have represented Rowhill since 2016 and am the Cabinet member for Operational Services with oversight of many of the council's frontline services.  I have previously represented seats in Farnborough at both borough and county level. I have always believed in making myself available to the people I represent.

Town centre regeneration is by far and away the single most important issue facing Aldershot today. I am delighted with the progress this Conservative administration has made in delivering our promise to regenerate Aldershot."


St John’s – Cllr Jonathan Canty

"I am a local resident in St John’s ward and am delighted to be standing again to represent the community I live in. Outside the Council, I am employed by a national charity  advocating for people with arthritis. During the pandemic, I have tried to support residents by signposting  information about where to get help and supporting local Schools and community projects that will make a difference when restrictions are eased. 

I would like to build on this work by organising more community events and making sure the priorities of St John’s residents are heard by Rushmoor, Hampshire and other agencies as we recover from the pandemic."


St Mark’s – Cllr Diane Bedford

"I've lived in North Camp for over 50 years, as a member of St Mark's Church, a local School Governor, and working for over 20 years as a dispenser at Boots Pharmacy on Camp Road, I have seen first-hand what an incredible community we have here. I'm honoured to have served our local community as one of its local councillors since 2002 always putting the interests of our community first.

I'm from North Camp, and want to continue working for North Camp. I really hope I can count on your support again on Thursday 6th May to continue working on your behalf."


Wellington – Jib Belbase

"I am proud to live work and volunteer in our community in Aldershot. I am a former police officer and currently run a small business and am actively involved in numerous local community organisations and partnerships. As Immediate Past President of the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community I have worked hard for a number of years to bring everyone together as a community in Aldershot. I am already working hard on behalf of our town and have great relationships with our MP, Council Leader, local Councillors, police and the army.

My priorities are tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and unleashing our town’s potential through regenerating our town centre."


West Heath – Michael Hope

"I have lived in the Borough for over 32 years and actively engaged in our community. I'm a qualified  Mental Health psychotherapist and married with two children and four grandchildren.  I'm actively involved in our neighbourhood and currently an NHS and Rushmoor Covid volunteer. I am helping to establish a Man's Shed in West Heath to support mental health and well-being and advising our county councillors on social care and mental health based on my own experience. I am committed to building a stronger sense of community, supporting local businesses, protecting our environment, keeping our streets safe and addressing loneliness, mental health and supporting the most vulnerable."



Aldershot North – Cllr Charles Choudhary

"I have lived in Aldershot for 50 years, serving Rushmoor residents as a Borough Councillor for 29 years, and 8 years as a County Councillor. I am committed to giving back to the community, ensuring that the services you rely on are available to you; social care support if you have mental or physical ailments, disabilities, are vulnerable or experience poverty (financial or otherwise), roads are maintained so that you can drive out of your road without having to avoid potholes, free bus travel in Hampshire if you are eligible, and that we continue to invest in your children’s future; with outstanding local schools."


Aldershot South – Lt Cl (Retd) Cllr Bill Withers

"I am a Retired Army veteran with deep roots in Aldershot. I am married to a Community Nurse, and enjoy walking in our local area including the Basingstoke Canal and at Tice’s Meadow. In the past four years I have established myself as one of the most consistent advocates at Hampshire for protecting and improving our environment. I am also committed to improving our local highways – getting potholes repaired and securing investment in road safety such as a new roundabout on North Lane.

My other top priorities include backing our police and tackling anti- social behaviour and crime in South Aldershot."


Farnborough North – Cllr Roz Chadd

"When first elected I was Hampshire’s youngest County Councillor and am now Rushmoor's first and to date only Cabinet member with responsibility for Education and Skills across Hampshire for these services. As a mother of 3 young children all born and raised in Rushmoor, I want our youngsters to have their best chances in life. I am also Vice Chairman of the Hampshire and Isle of White Fire Authority and help to make sure that this vital service performs as well as possible. I want to continue the work I have already done to secure further funding for local school and road improvements."


Farnborough South – Adam Jackman

"I have lived in Farnborough for nearly twenty years, since getting married.  I have three children, who all go to schools in Farnborough South. I currently work as a Senior Solutions Architect, primarily with Cisco platforms, designing and managing large enterprise call centres and phone systems. Outside of work and politics, I enjoy brewing beer.

Living in the division and from talking to residents my priorities are to improve secondary education, ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children, improve the range of adult social care options available in our area, and improve local roads and ensuring that repairs are carried out rapidly."


Farnborough West – Cllr Rod Cooper

"Rod has served as West Farnborough’s county councillor since 2017 and previously as a local Rushmoor councillor. Rod has had a particular impact on local health, social care and transport services. Rod helped to secure one of the biggest health investments in the county at the Voyager Centre for Health. He has also saved local bus service which were due to close and improved connections between buses and local health services. He has also worked with residents to get roads repaired more promptly and to get lines put in to protect residents from commuter parking. If elected he hopes to continue with these initiatives in future."