No more mess, says Councillor Sue Carter

Cllr Sue Carter has called on dog walkers to take more responsibility for cleaning up after their animals.

There have been a number of complaints in the national media about dog mess being a health hazard to children. Cllr Sue Carter is calling for the minority of irresponsible dog walkers to show more respect for fellow park users. The call comes after a recent litter pick by Empress, Cove, St John's and Fernhill councillors in Cove Green and Blunden Road Park. Cllr Sue Carter said "We have some wonderful parks in Rushmoor and it is great that dog walkers, families and everyone can make use of them.  "We are a nation of dog lovers and that is clear every time you go through one of the parks.  It is a shame though how a few people ruin it for everyone. It does not take long to clear up after your dog - and those few people who don't bother give all dog walkers a bad name. There are plenty of bins around in most parks but if anyone thinks there needs to be any more just let us know and we'll get it sorted. We really cannot put up with children's health being put at risk in this way.  If you don't clean up after your dog you can get fined - but what's worse is that you leave the parks in a state that others will not be able to enjoy - and everyone loses. I've noticed a few dog walkers who actually go so far as to clean up any other mess they find, even if it isn't from their dog. They are amazing - and deserve all our thanks."