Pinewood Park Residents and Farnborough North Conservatives Community Litter Pick

Pinewood Park Residents and Farnborough North Conservatives completed a litter pick around Pinewood Park on Saturday 8th March. 

Residents of Pinewood Park including whole families including Mum, Dad and kids, with a little help from Fernhill Conservative Councillors got stuck in with their gloves, sacks and litter pickers to make a difference to the area in which they live.

It didn't need any lengthy multi agency discussions, nor a cart load of publicity in local and council controlled press, just the will of the local families to make their place a tidier place.

As a result of the group of volunteers efforts a van load of litter, fallen leaves and other debris has been removed and a number of areas cleared on the Pinewood Park site.

Special thanks go to the Pinewood residents who were able to take part, John Trusler of Rushmoor Borugh Council who ensured we had a van and litter pickers and to B&Q Farnborough Store for their kind donation of several pairs of gardening gloves.

The initiative was also supported by the big tidy up group ( who ensured we had safety vests and litter bags for all.

This is the first of a number of this type of initiative that Farnborough North Conservatives from Cherrywood, Empress and Fernhill will be getting running. 

A challenge to all Farnborough North residents - if your place needs a bit of a tidy and you can muster your neighbours to lend a hand, then contact Councillor Ken Muschamp on any of the following:

Tel: 07801 430352

Facebook: fb/com/FarnboroughNorthConservatives