Sir Gerald Howarth MP welcomes the opening of Platform 20 at Waterloo

Sir Gerald Howarth MP welcomes the decision by South West Trains to open platform 20 at the Waterloo International Terminal on 23rd October, when it welcomed its first domestic passenger train.  This is an important step ahead of bringing the platform into full use in May 2014.

Preparations are continuing to bring Platform 20 fully into use for timetabled services from May 2014.  It will help accommodate the 108 additional carriages which will be introduced this winter to provide extra capacity for around 23,000 peak time passengers every day.

At the moment Platform 20 can be used when needed to relieve congestion at the station during times of disruption.  Previously there has been no spare capacity at Waterloo station.

Sir Gerald said ” This is most welcome news for commuters, everyone knows how congested Waterloo can get especially at peak times.  This new platform will help ease congestion and improve the efficiency of  services in and out of Waterloo, and ensures constituents can get to work on time, I welcome this decision by South West Trains.”

(N.B - Some of this text has been taken from the South West Trains press release on 23rd October 2013.)