Sir Gerald Howarth MP gets a “dog bowl in one” for Guide Dogs

Sir Gerald Howarth MP saw the fun side of the Conservative party conference this week by putting around street clutter on Guide Dogs’ mini golf course to raise awareness of their Streets Ahead campaign on keeping streets free from clutter.

Sir Gerald Howarth sponsors EU Referendum Bill and 'Let Britain Decide' Campaign

Sir Gerald is delighted to be one of the Members of Parliament who is sponsoring James Wharton MP’s Private Member’s Bill: The European Union (Referendum) Bill.  The Bill is designed to enshrine in law that there will be an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union before 31st December 2017 and will be debated on 5th July.

Sir Gerald supports the FareShare Campaign at Tesco

Sir Gerald supports the FareShare Campaign at Tesco. The FareShare campaign seeks to fight hunger and its underlying causes by redistributing surplus food to hundreds of charities across the UK including homeless shelters.