Our Plan for Rushmoor


Rushmoor is a great place to live, but local Conservatives are still ambitious for our towns.

Ahead of the forthcoming council elections, local Conservatives have outlined our vision for the coming year, setting out how we plan to ensure Rushmoor remains a thriving place with a strong community, and an area that has opportunities and sense of pride to make it a fantastic place to live, work, and do business. These plans are focused on how we transform our town centres for the future, and make sure we continue to deliver great value, high-quality services. And if you didn't already know, just 12% of local council tax goes to Rushmoor Borough Council - and we think that represents amazing value for money when we provide more than 100 services across the Borough.

Together, we can ensure our towns are safe, vibrant, and sustainable places - now and in the future.

Our Plan for Rushmoor:


Regeneration is Conservative-led Rushmoor’s number one priority, with schemes totalling over £500m in investment set to transform our town centres in Farnborough and Aldershot.

Together with our local partners, we're helping make our town centres vibrant and thriving places where people from Rushmoor and beyond want to spend their time and money, from daytime to evening.

Aldershot’s redevelopment schemes at Union Yard and The Galleries will provide flexible retail units, high-quality homes, public spaces, and a new "Makers' Yard" providing creative space for local small and independent businesses. Farnborough's new Civic Quarter will include a new state-of-the-art leisure centre alongside homes, a new library, and shops and restaurants. This is as well as a large central ‘green’ - a new focal point for community events in the heart of the town.

These ambitious projects will breathe much-needed new life into our historic towns.



Conservatives are passionate about improving our local parks and green spaces and preserving our environment for future generations.

Rushmoor's successful rollout of its new food waste collections already has 80% of residents taking part - one of the highest take-ups in the country. A new recycling facility is also set to expand collections to include items like plastic pots, tubs and trays. Green spaces like Moor Road Park and Southwood Country Park are receiving significant investment and new facilities. Conservatives have also made improvements to the lake in Manor Park and helped secure the future of Tice's Meadow Nature Reserve.

There's also work on new and improved cycling and walking routes across the Borough - including around North Camp - helping us all to keep active.



Conservatives are working to ensure our economy thrives and creates high-quality jobs for local people.

Together we've continued to attract top-notch aerospace and global businesses such as Gulfstream and Philips UK, as well as support smaller and medium-sized local companies to start-up or expand in Rushmoor. Farnborough's new film studios is creating jobs and putting our area at the heart of a booming industry - with shows for Netflix and the BBC filmed in recent months. £29 million in grant funding has been paid out to support local businesses during COVID-19, and we continue to support residents who've lost jobs. A new youth employment skills zone is also helping young people into work, education and training.

There's also station upgrades at Aldershot, and the further rollout of full-fibre home broadband.



Making our communities safer, and bringing policing closer to local people, is a key priority for your local Conservatives.

That means recruiting more officers, tackling anti-social behaviour, and making reporting easier. Over 400 new police officers have been recruited across Hampshire, with over 20 new officers based here in Rushmoor. Conservatives understand the importance of visible policing.

Conservative-led Rushmoor are also investing £400,000 in CCTV across the Borough to help us feel safer, and allow us to continue taking a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour.



As we recover from COVID-19, Conservatives are supporting our community to make an even bigger difference whilst celebrating the rich heritage of our towns.

Conservative-led Rushmoor continues to support our most vulnerable and in-need residents - facilitating the work of charities, faith groups and neighbourhood organisations locally through significant grant funds and the proceeds of our Community Lottery. Numerous council-supported projects are underway or soon will be, including a community-run 'Grub Hub', a 'Repair Cafè', and a Youth Council. There's also lots planned to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee and the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War.

Rushmoor's rich history is also a key source of local pride, and vital to shaping the character of our area. Aldershot recently welcome six new military heritage trails with 200 points of interest - and aerospace trails in Farnborough are set to launch later this year.



Local Conservatives are working to ensure residents of all ages are helped to reach their full potential.

Rushmoor are securing good-quality homes for everyone - using 'Rushmoor Homes' (our new local housing company) to build quality homes for rent, enabling developments like Wellesley, and working to reduce homelessness even further. Young people deserve the best start in life, so we continue to support local schools and colleges. £13 million is also being invested in Samuel Cody School to create a further 90 spaces for children with special needs.

Farnborough's Aerospace Research and Innovation Centre will also create new research and apprenticeship opportunities for local people.