Conservatives hold the line across Aldershot and Farnborough in 2018's local council elections

Last night, Thursday 3rd May 2018, local Conservatives held the line and delivered another strong result in Rushmoor's local elections

Rushmoor Borough Council remains comfortably under Conservative control after last night's local elections where, despite the sad defeat for David Gladstone in St Mark's ward, the Party gained a seats and held on to our remaining councillors across the Borough. 

Congratulations, especially, to newly-elected councillor Cllr Veronica Graham-Green for winning her seat off UKIP in West Heath, Farnborough after an energetic campaign in recent weeks. Veronica and Cllr Rod Cooper now hold two of the three West Heath seats for the Conservatives. And, welcome to Cllr Mara Makunura in Knellwood, Farnborough who was newly-elected. 

Councillors Ken Muschamp (Fernhill, Farnborough), Martin Tennant (Cove and Southwood, Farnborough), Mike Smith (Empress, Farnborough), Sophia Choudhary (Rowhill, Aldershot), Bruce Thomas (Manor Park, Aldershot) and Jacqui Vosper (St John's, Farnborough) were all returned. 

Thank you to our councillors, candidates, but most of all to the many volunteers who knocked doors, delivered leaflets, and stuffed envelopes throughout the campaign. This success is testament to your hard work, and we're incredibly grateful for all your efforts!

You can find the full elections results on the Rushmoor website, here.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can get involved in our campaigning locally, drop us an email at