Aldershot Conservative Women's Organisation

Aldershot CWO (Conservative Women's Organisation) offers a focus and support for all women whose beliefs and values are in sympathy with today's modern Conservative Party. They encourage and support women who may wish to become involved at all levels of public life or in their local communities: from school governors, to public appointments, to other voluntary activities.

CWO is there to help support Conservative candidates, but especially women - as councillors or as Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.

If you are a woman and a member of the Conservative Party, then you are a member of the Conservative Women's Organisation. Members form a countrywide network of women of all ages and backgrounds, working together in a wide range of activities within the voluntary party.

This year's Committee is:

  • Cllr. Mara Makunura, Chair
  • Jess Auton, Deputy Chair (Political and Campaigning)
  • Sam Trussler, Deputy Chair (Membership and Fundraising)

If you'd like to find out more about what they do, or would just like to get in touch, email:

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